The lines of plywood, the noise of a trace monotype, or strands of hair on the floor grab my attention. I am drawn to the neutral: black, tan, white, grey. However, this is not a search for minimalism, but rather for beauty. Beauty is not glamorous or glittering, it is a balance between obscure intrigue and simplicity; a place where the mind can relax, but is still compelled to stretch and reach out.  As we remove ourselves from the constant bombardment that is the modern visual world, contemplation and content can arise. My work aims to create such a space.


Material is often the entrance for my explorations. By working with ink, plaster, or hair, I come to an understanding of it. For example, while my work with hair straddles multiple mediums, it shifts our relationship to this main subject. it. Through disembodiment, displacement and occasionally hyperbole, the natural materiality of the hair is emphasized. It isolates, strips down, and reveals, leaving a space for meditation and taking back some control from this entity that so often holds so much power in our lives.